Feeling Blue
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Author:  Drac [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feeling Blue

I envy those who never suffer wioth this but as you say Polar, knowing you are not the only one certainly helps. Oh and Adam, love is also a part of ciming through as you say, here is one after I pulled through and thanking the one closest to me, Emerald. However, without knowing the dark side, the love side would be a bit wishy washy to many non sufferers

Through The Darkness

Written to my wife and friends who were there when they were needed most in the darkest days of my depression

Though the darkness in my life seems to take command

There is a light that I can see, its somewhere near the end

Of this darkness, the black that is what I most fear

All I can say is that one day, I will find you waiting there

Just wait a while longer for me to come your way

And when I do, you know the very words that I will say

My friend, thank you for helping me fight my way through

This maze of darkness, to the light and to my love, which is you

It wont be long now, I feel a breaking of this gloom

Is on the horizon, ready to rise like a new moon

Then all the sunshine will pour it's warmth right through

And you will feel the strength of the love I have for you

So stretch out your arms, your hands and call my name

And when I see you, I promise to do the same

The dark is getting brighter, the sickness on the mend

Be waiting for me, I will meet you in the end.

Author:  bigtom [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feeling Blue

i can sense your joy of life now and your memory of the darkness as i too have sensed the hurt of loss.as you say the answears are closer than you know as grief blinded me for a while.i think i am a better person as i hope you do too mate,despair can lead to joy if you look at your family. :-bd :-bd \m/ \m/

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