Favorite Ale

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Re: Favorite Ale

Post by EO »

EO wrote:
Just the simple things in life really. Stella or Kronenburg. (when I was drinking )

Fizzy fighting juice....

Which were still better than the Newkie Brarn n JD rally food staples :rambo: lol
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Re: Favorite Ale

Post by novocaine »

quite a few local brew house to me that I like.
we had dunham massey at the wedding, was lovely.
there is one at tatton too, also wonderful.

I can spit on the burtonwood brewery from where I live right now, which is about as close as I want to get to it these days, used to be a great drop, now some brown wet garbage in a glass, so much so that there isn't a local pub that serves it anymore.

The pub I frequent is a JW Lees, their fire dragon or draymans ale goes down well.

bottled, you arn't going to beat a sheapherds neame or a badger really, black sheep is pretty close and the cumberland ales if stored correctly can be tasty.
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Re: Favorite Ale

Post by Hawkwinder »

Timothy Taylors Landlord... its like drinking liquidised pigeon racing, flat caps and decent fish and chips... I used to work in Skipton and many times got very VERY errr happy on it... miss it here Dhan Sarf!
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Re: Favorite Ale

Post by Finbar »

Nice pint that mate :-bd
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