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Camp Sites/ Camping

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I don't know if I can do this, if not please let me know and remove the link.

There is a fantastic campsite on the A49, in Leebotwood, Shropshire. This area is great for riding, the A49 is a great road with no set speed cameras (not that we'd break the law, but sometimes our speedos aren't calibrated) It's in between Shrewsbury and Church Stretton Shropshire, near the Longmynd hills. A fantastic riding area, a mini-peak district.

It's an adult only site (only for insurance reasons, not for the kinky ones) they have a BBQ pit, fantastic bathroom facilities with mens, womens, disabled loos and showers with lots of hot water. It's very clean and reasonably priced, they have hook ups for caravans too.

I've stayed several times and the owner is very biker friendly. They do some holistic type stuff, Indian Head Massage and they are involved in horse rescue too. It's a very friendly place and there's a pub 200 feet from it (you don't even have to cross the road)

It's a good stopping area between the English, Welsh borders. (And her daughter may even sing for you all, it's a hoot !)

Check it out !

Keep the rubber down.

(if I've put this in the wrong topic area, sorry)
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Re: Camp Sites/ Camping

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sounds like a good weekend out. I will check their website
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